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Noone Lasses voted top 14 celtic cd’s of 2010! Check it out at Celtic Mp3’s Music Magazine. Review.

Minor Short Takes May/June Review

Sixty Seven Review by Eoin Dolan Review

“It’s hard to describe what exactly happens in the transformation to fingerpicking arrangements, but the result sounds great. It’s like Anton takes some sandpaper and removes the rough edges from the music, leaving us with instrumental music that goes down very smoothly. The characteristic sound of the acoustic guitar strings just adds to that charm.” Celtic Mp3’s Music Magazine

Anton Emery:  Noone Lasses (AECD 101).  Anton Emery is a young fingerstyle guitarist who obviously loves Celtic music.  Noone Lasses is an instrumental album.  It’s peaceful, pensive, as relaxing as a warm summer day.  My first hearing came as I started doing my taxes, and the pleasure of the music far outweighed the irritation of my less than perfect record-keeping.  If you’re tense, under pressure, or not feeling your best, listen to Noone Lasses – likewise any time you want to hear some lovely guitar tunes masterfully played.  The sources range from Turlough O’Carolan through contemporary Irish composers in the tradition to Scots and Welsh pieces, many of which were old friends and others new to me.  This album will stay on my CD changer for a long time! – Meryle Korn, Portland Folk Society