ADK A6 for Fingerstyle Guitar

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I think I finally settled on a mic placement that will work for recording in my home studio. It is my pair of ADK A6 mics in “AB” placement Thanks to Doug Young for the advice on this one. AB is similar to spaced pair except both mics are on a single stereo bar and at the same height. In … Read More

Peluso CEMC6 – Fingerstyle Guitar

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Well I couldn’t resist and picked up a pair of Peluso CEMC 6 small diaphram condensors on Ebay. The last thing I probably need is more mics, but I wanted something a little different from my medium diaphram ADK A6’s. The Peluso’s are not a matched pair, but from what i read that quality control is good enough that i … Read More

Recording Fingerstyle Guitar with the ADK A6

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I have been doing more experimenting with my home recording setup, working on ironing out the little details and striving to get a better sound. My main setup has been: Pair of ADK A6 mics Presonus Studio Mobile Interface iMac and Logic Pro All affordable gear but I think it gives good bang for the buck. My main goal is … Read More

Line Audio CM3 Mics Acoustic Guitar

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As a side hobby many of us solo and instrumental guitarists often get into home recording. It is by no means easy, but with a relatively simple setup and some experimentation one can get a good recorded sound at home. Not having to worry about bass, drums, or screaming marshall stacks means all you need are some high quality mics … Read More