Sylvain Barou – Solo Album

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I recently purchased French flute player Sylvain Barou’s self titled debut album and have really been enjoying it these past few days. Surfing for John Doyle clips on Youtube one day I came across this video of him and fiddler Liz Carroll playing with a flute player I had never heard of. I’ve watched this clip over and over, often … Read More


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I’ve been exploring the CFCGCD tuning a bit more lately. Last summer at guitar camp John Doyle was talking about how he used it, and I messed around with it some, then got distracted by something else. Then a few issues ago Acoustic Guitar Magazine featured him on the cover, and they covered the CFCGCD tuning a bit. So that … Read More

Drop D Chords for Celtic Backup

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There is a bit of discussion going on at the TradConnect forum on guitar backup, and someone asked for guitar chords in Drop D. I thought I would post some here so everyone can benefit. Despite this being “celtic fingerstyle guitar” I also like to flatpick a bit, both backing up tunes and playing melodies. Orkney tuning is nice for … Read More