Steve Baughman – Orkney Tuning Lessons

My friend Steve Baughman has a new series of humorous Orkney tuning lessons up on youtube. Here is the first one in the series. It walks beginners through some basic chord shapes, riffs, and ends with a beautiful arrangement of Danny Boy.

Steve Baughman – Clawhammer Banjo DVD

My friend Steve Baughman recently released a new DVD entitled Zen Banjo, Music and Mindfulness. It is a clawhammer banjo instructional DVD aimed at beginners with plenty of material for more advanced folks as well. Steve walks the viewer through all the techniques needed for clawhammer banjo like the bum ditty, drop thumbing, and double thumbing. Throughout the DVD Steve …

New Steve Baughman Videos

My friend and teacher Steve Baughman recently put up a few new Youtube videos, and I wanted to post them here. They are truly some beautiful arrangements, and I think the second one really showcases the great touch and tone Steve gets with his right hand. Be sure to watch the whole thing of Nearer My God to Thee. It …


Steve Baughman: Clawhammer Guitar

My friend and mentor Steve Baughnan just released two new clawhammer guitar videos up on youtube. They were filmed at Doug Young’s studio and showcase Steve’s tune “Wasilla Weed” as well as give a basic primer on the clawhammer technique. Steve has a new DVD out at CDBaby called the Power of Claw. So what is clawhammer guitar? In a …